Next Play Ep. 17 | Felicia Martin, NCAA Eligibility Center VP and President in waiting of the N4A, on the NCAA’s approach to education and making the eligibility process more effective

Welcome to the Next Play Podcast Series brought to you by Game Plan – my name is Vin McCaffrey.

Thrilled about today’s session – Felicia Martin is the NCAA’s VP of their Eligibility Center.  She is also president in waiting for the N4A.

Felicia and I have known each other for years and she gives an insightful look into the NCAA’s approach to education and awareness of the eligibility process and steps she is taking to make that process more effective.  She’s the right person for the job and is already off and running.

Hope you enjoy it…Let’s jump in.

What’s Covered:

  • [03:00] Felicia’s Background
  • [12:25] Major Changes in the Industry
  • [17:15] Student Success Measurements
  • [20:20] How the Questions Have Evolved
  • [25:25] Involvement with the N4A
  • [33:40] The Role of the NCAA
  • [45:44] What’s to Come

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