Next Play Ep.20 I Bob Foose on personal and professional development of pro-athletes through the MLS Players Union

In today’s session Bob Foose, Executive Director of the Major League Soccer Players Union, joins us. Bob talks about the role of the Union, in particular, the efforts on life after sport and the transition into an athlete’s second career. It’s clear Bob is passionate about the journey.

It’s clear Bob is passionate about the journey and has been personally involved in this initiative for the Union. It is wonderful to see the attention and focus the Union has on the journey and there is more to come.

We hope you enjoy our discussion.


What is covered:

Start – 1:37     Introduction

1:38 – 2:08     Meet Bob Foose

2:09 – 6:10     Role of MLS Players Union

6:11 – 7:30      How the MLSPU helps in player development efforts

7:31 – 11:22     How did the MLSPU get started

11:23 – 14:50   Differences / Similarities with other professional players unions

14:51 – 20:06  Common themes in professional player development

20:07 – 25:13  Biggest obstacles in player development

25:14 – 29:25   Is there a correlation between development and on-field performance?

29:26 – 33:10   Role of MLS in Player development

33:11 – 39:36   Examples of individual players embracing development

39:37 – 42:35  MLSPU close relationship with MLS players

42:36 – 43:31  Importance of Mentoring

43:32 – 45:25  Whats next for MLSPU?

45:26 – End     Outro