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The only all-in-1 solution for total athlete development

More organizations trust Game Plan with the growth of their athletes than any other platform.

Build a program based on your goals

We’ve partnered with industry thought leaders and EdTech experts to create a tool that’s as adaptable to your needs as it is effective in meeting them.

eLearning Courses

  • Best-in-class content: Modules utilize interactive and engaging curriculum design across a wide array of key development topics

  • Knowledge checks: Mandatory quizzes ensure comprehension and accountability

  • Open to all: Accessible to every athlete in your program

  • Flexible model: With bundling options to support multiple areas of need within your athletic department

Full Platform

  • Complete content library: Access to all eLearning courses by all athletes

  • Assessments: Gauge personal and career interests to improve decision-making

  • Career services: The #1 portal for athletes to land full- and part-time jobs

  • Virtual mentorship: Connects athletes with invaluable industry mentors

  • Landing page: Customizable, branded webpage exclusively for your program

Find the right option for you

Scale education, incentivize personal development, boost ROI

Game Plan’s user-friendly digital platform makes it easy for athletes to get on board. This gives them a leg up over the long term while benefitting your broader institution as well.

  • Transition Support

    Prepare athletes for the rigors of college, the pros, and their post-playing days

  • Communication

    Simplify engagement and education through a single channel

  • Mobile-First

    Deliver courses and job opportunities at scale across all devices

  • Microlearning

    On-demand content takes just minutes to consume during their already-busy days

  • Personality Assessments

    Strengthen their self-awareness to help them take control of their own growth

  • Measurement

    The only platform of its kind to track their participation, comprehension, and sentiment

  • Brand Ambassadors

    Cultivate generous alumni, strong brand representatives, and even better people

  • Recruiting Tool

    Blue-chip prospects recognize the unique value this brings throughout their journey

  • Revenue Generation

    Demonstrate value to donors and open doors to new sponsorship partners

  • Mission

    Align your business’s overarching mission with their strengths and career aspirations

Journey Of The Athlete

Game Plan supports the journey of the athlete beginning as early as high school. For some, transition to the professional world doesn’t leave the playing field. We’re there for them, too.

Game Plan gives teams, leagues, players’ unions, and other properties the tools to support their athletes’ ongoing development as players and as people. Subject matter covers key needs at the pro level, with advanced measurement functionality ensuring that it clicks and sticks.

Then, when their time as professional athlete concludes, our career portal provides exposure to exciting new opportunities and helps ease the transition to life after sport.

Explore Game Plan for Pros

From development to employment

Game Plan doesn’t just prepare your athletes for the next step. It actively carries their journey forward by connecting them with employers who understand their exceptional value.

Free for athletes, the career portal is easy to set up and begin using right away.

Create Profile

Athletes customize their own profiles in minutes, including career interests, location, college major, and other valuable info for recruiters

Upload Resume

Alongside traditional resumes, they can also add content such as a profile picture and intro video to convey their skills to interested employers

Search for Jobs

Their access to thousands of jobs posted by hundreds of companies begins instantly, with opportunities to connect directly through the platform

Partner success stories

The premier platform for athlete development, Game Plan is being used by organizations of all levels from coast to coast.

  • “Game Plan has been a great partner. Not only are they open to what we want to do, but they are also extremely supportive of us. They work with us in determining the best way to reach our people.”

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    KC Royals Director Professional Development
  • “Game Plan has provided a format to keep track of jobs opportunities and companies looking to hire our student-athletes. It acts as a one stop shop more specifically tailored to the student-athletes’ needs, and provides a unique platform where our student-athletes can find resources.”

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    Purdue Athletics John Wooden Leadership Advisor
  • “Working with Game Plan has allowed us to consolidate programs we'd like to offer players into one platform. As we continue exploring other offerings of Game Plan, it will allow us to fully support the player’s journey.”

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    NBA / NBA G League Senior Manager of Player Development
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Elevate their development starting right now

Game Plan offers your athletes the guidance and services they need to take advantage of the opportunities they’re given. The sooner you begin raising their ceiling, the sooner you begin taking your entire organization to the next level.
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