Adjusting to College Isn’t Easy for Student-Athletes

By May 14, 2015 No Comments

Jaleesa Harper, former student-athlete, on her first week in college…

My transition to being a freshman in college was a bit of an overwhelming experience. I had a scholarship to play Volleyball in a state where I didn’t know a single person. Between that pressure, meeting new people, and wondering how I would adjust, it was a lot going on all at once. The first people you meet on campus are your teammates, and soon you’ll realize that they will be your only friends until you step outside your comfort zone and meet others in your dorm or your classes! That’s not a bad thing, but again, it is another quick adjustment. Adjustments that you will face everyday when you enter the workforce.

Move-in day usually is the longest day ever! Luckily I had some helpers (my family) during that stressful time. As a freshman we were given a schedule which had our whole week planned out day by day, not including my volleyball schedule. The list was given to us from our academic advisor, which consisted of on campus meetings throughout the week freshmen were required to attend. Compiling that schedule with the one coach gave us on move-in day, I honestly didn’t have time to decorate my room how I wanted. I had meetings with the team, coaching staff, other athletic staff, etc. Those are all things that everyday life will throw at you, but as a student-athlete, you will be prepared. What a first week! :-)


On figuring out what to major in…
Do you know what you want to major in? Have you always known what you wanted your career to be? Have you selected the correct major to get you on course for your career? If you don’t have an answer to those questions, GTG’s assessments can help you figure it out! It’s not as easy as people think it is to pick a major. You have some people who has always wanted to be lawyers, they easily choose Criminal Justice. Maybe your friend has always wanted to start their own business, they’ll check Business Administration. For someone who isn’t quite sure yet as I was going into undergrad, most likely you’ll go in as Undecided!

I never knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do. For student-athletes that have played sports all of their lives, they don’t always think about life after the ball stops bouncing. I was the student who excelled in majority of what I did but couldn’t quite pinpoint what I could see myself doing. I had my parents who wanted me to teach, which was something that I considered but would I be happy? A common struggle within choosing a major is picking one for the right reasons. Majoring in a field of study that you actually like will show better academic achievement because you’ll do better in classes that interest you. If you haven’t decided yet, don’t worry, you have until sophomore year!