What is Your Brand?

By August 3, 2015 No Comments

We all know of so many different brands and what they represent, as well as how they are used.

Well what’s yours?

I’m sure that question has been asked or at least talked about in your athletic department. The school itself has its own brand and how it wants everyone in the country to view it. Maybe your particular school specializes in a certain department, which is branded through the university or being ranked as a top school.

In the athletic department, a brand is created there normally by wins and losses, or maybe even “bad/good press.” There are so many different scenarios involving schools and how they brand themselves. Would you say that it’s a choice? I would have to agree that it is.

Some schools are known mainly for one sport because of it’s success, whether it be championships or knocking off a top ranked team. I mean really, before Lehigh knocked out Duke in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, did you know who they were? (Shoutout to our CEO, Vin Mccaffery-Lehigh Alumnus)

My experience being a student-athlete was all about branding. Signing up for something as such, you start to realize that once that label is placed on you, you’re not only representing yourself but the school as well.

If somebody were to say, “How do you think people view you?” Of course people see you as an athlete, that’s the obvious. What kind of character are you portraying while you’re on the court….off the court? College communities really support athletic departments as well as hold them to high expectation. Speaking from off the court experience, how do you act when you’re not around your coach? If someone saw you out in the public eye, away from campus, what would you be doing? Who are you hanging around? Those things are all important because you never know who is watching!

A lot of people make the comment, “I don’t care what people think about me.” In my opinion, a lot of “reckless” behavior complements that very statement. What kind of impact will you leave on your university, colleagues, coaches, and teammates while you? Don’t be the bad apple that spoils the bunch. People will remember the bad more than the good sometimes.

As a student-athlete, every decision you make will count for something. It could be a good or bad decision but either way it will reflect you…your brand. Every now and then, reflect and ask yourself…