N4A Region III Conference: Athlete Identity Transition

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Game Theory Group (GTG) is excited to announce Dr. Nathan Wiita will be presenting on the Student-Athlete Identity Transition at next month’s Region III N4A conference at The Ohio State University.  

Dr. Nathan Wiita and GTG came together over 3 years ago to form a unique partnership which studied the challenges associated with collegiate student-athletes and their identity transition away from their sport.  This June, under Dr. Wiita’s leadership, GTG launched Next Play Pro – the student-athlete identity transition.  This assessment is the industry’s first instrument designed uniquely for the athlete’s identity transition away from competitive sport.  

In his talk, Dr. Wiita will cover the comprehensive plan to address this significant challenge facing collegiate athletes nationally, the research performed, the methodology of development and the introduction of the assessment.  

We hope you are able to join us for this in-depth look into a challenge facing college athletes at all levels. 


October 22, 2015


N4A Regional Conference hosted by the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Additional information on Dr. Wiita and GTG:

Dr. Nathan Wiita

Nathan joined RHR International in 2013 and is the research and development lead, working in the Atlanta office. He owns firm-wide research for RHR, including spearheading the development and execution of original research for each of the firm’s core service areas, as well as contributing to the overall management and quality of firm-wide research data.

Prior to joining RHR International, Nathan was a principal at Parker Executive Search, where he was involved in many aspects of the executive search process, including the recruitment, assessment, placement, and integration of candidates. Nathan’s research has been featured by organizations including the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the American Psychological Association, as well as in media outlets such as Fast Company.

Nathan received doctorate and master’s degrees in industrial and organizational psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. He earned a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in psychology from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where he was a varsity student-athlete soccer player.  His professional memberships include the American Psychological Association, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the Society of Consulting Psychology, and the Atlanta Society for Applied Psychology.

Game Theory Group

GTG provides comprehensive Student-Athlete development solutions to 42 athletic departments, playing an integral role in their pursuit to provide an elite student-athlete experience.  

GTG’s Game Plan platform provides athletic departments:

Comprehensive Learning Management and Reporting

Engage and manage your entire population of student-athletes through Game Plan’s administrative functionality.  Game Plan’s real-time reporting feature allows for a quick and easy view into your student-athletes activities and key metrics, such as post-graduation plans.  

Student-Athlete Assessments

GTG’s suite of assessments provide advisers and the stakeholders of the student-athlete unique insight into the student-athlete all while managing the information through the convenience and efficiency of Game Plan

Student-Athlete Interest inventory: improve academic course and major selection as well as career development of your student-athletes by connecting personality interests and strengths with academic topics and career industries.

Athletic Identity and Transition: identify key characteristics and traits of your student-athletes to enable them to successfully transition through their two most challenging transitions – from HS to college and from college to the “real world.”  

eLearning Library

GTG’s eLearning Library provides 44 modules on topics such as self management, leadership, study skills, career and transition to the real world.  Uniquely designed lessons for the student-athlete, GTG’s library provides for a complete curriculum with all modules designed to take no more than 2 minutes each for maximum engagement and retention.   

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