GTG Featured in EY Women Athletes & ESPNW Study

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Where will you find your next leader?

That is the question a new study from EY Women Athletes and ESPNW seeks to answer. A comprehensive look at how sport can help vault women onto a more level playing field with their male counterparts.

Game Theory Group and Vin McCaffrey, GTG’s CEO and founder, were featured extensively in the study as experts on student-athletes and development of that student-athlete identity. A long time advocate for the value of the student-athlete experience, McCaffrey connects the demands that are placed on student-athletes in college to success in corporate America.

GTG is proud to be a partner on this very important study. Interested in finding out more about GTG’s services for student-athletes, athletic departments, and companies look to hire top talent? Contact us at info@gametgi.com.

To view the full report, click here.

On student-athlete value:
College athletic departments can help businesses spot potential talent. Athletes are often juggling classes and a rigorous training schedule, so they may not be able to attend traditional recruiting events on campus, according to Game Theory Group, an organization that helps student athletes transition to the workplace. To identify and recruit future leaders, organizations can reach out to high-potential athletes and work to accommodate their schedules in the recruiting cycle. Also, when looking to hire or promote experienced candidates, don’t overlook a sport background. Two out of three respondents in a previous survey done by EY and espnW said that a candidate’s background in sport would be a positive influence when making a hiring decision. Candidates with sport experience are thought to have a strong work ethic and to be determined team players. They have leadership skills that can’t be taught.

When discussing how to recruit:
If there’s a secret to winning in corporate leadership, it’s an innate understanding of winning and losing. That understanding comes naturally to athletes, says Vin McCaffrey, founder and CEO of Game Theory Group, an organization that helps student athletes transition to the workplace and matches them with potential employers. Currently, GTG works with about 20,000 student athletes from 40 college campuses across the US. McCaffrey strives for an equal balance of male and female athletes. “People don’t hire student athletes because they’re stars on a football field,” he says. “What we find in every type of employment engagement is that there are certain traits employers desire — persistence, time management, communication skills, determination, internal motivation. You can’t find that kid in the economics class. You find him or her in athletics.” Female student athletes, McCaffrey points out, are often “playing sport well before the age of 10, learning to communicate and receiving coaching in a direct, strong way.”