Game Theory Group Launches New Student-Athlete Assessment

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Students who choose majors in college based on identified strengths earn higher grades, stick with their major of choice, graduate on time and are more satisfied with their career choice. With more than 99 percent of collegiate student-athletes not turning professional, this process is more important than ever.

Game Theory Group (GTG), the nation’s leader in student-athlete development, has developed the Student-Athlete Interest Inventory, a quantitative assessment matching student-athletes with appropriate majors and careers.

Designed for student athletes at any level, the Student-Athlete Interest Inventory Assessment identifies personality interests and strengths to help guide students through the next part of their careers, from applying to colleges to selecting a major and ultimately choosing a career.

“Aligning interests with major selection and career development is a must-have benchmark for every athletic department as they seek to enhance the student-athlete experience,” says Vin McCaffrey, founder and CEO of GTG. “The process leads to better academic performance and provides the foundation for career development.”

The assessment is the result of GTG’s experience with more than 25,000 student-athletes and 44 Division I athletic departments. Since 2010, GTG has conducted more than 15,000 personality assessments, helping student-athletes gain self-awareness of their interests, and their stakeholders deeper insight into the student’s personality strengths.

In 2012, GTG and Dr. Nathan Wiita, Director of Research for RHR International, formed a partnership to innovate this industry-first assessment instrument. The Student-Athlete Interest Inventory is GTG and Dr. Wiita’s second assessment product. In June 2015, Next Play Pro was launched to help student-athletes and college athletic departments address the identity transition of athletes as they go into the next phase of their lives.

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