Game Theory Group to Host a Series of Virtual Career Fairs Exclusively for Student-Athletes

By October 6, 2014 No Comments

Game Theory Group (GTG), the nation’s leader in providing comprehensive student-athlete development tools and services, is excited to announce a series of virtual career fairs exclusively for student-athletes from its network of college athletic department customers.

These events are an innovative way to connect highly qualified candidates with the nation’s top employers. Student-athletes have outstanding transferable skills into the workforce. For example, USA Today reported in 2013 that over 55% of female C-level executives of mid-sized companies and larger were former collegiate athletes.

The challenge for employers to recruit this talent is gaining access to the student-athletes and finding time to connect with them given student-athletes’ demanding schedules. GTG’s relationships on campus combined with its innovative platform provide the very best solution to connect top candidates with top employers.

The first virtual event is set to take place on October 29 from Noon – 3 p.m EST and will feature thousands of student-athletes from GTG’s network of over 40 top athletic department customers nationally. Student-athletes from athletic departments in the ACC, AAC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 and SEC will all be participating.

Employers looking for high-achieving entry-level employees no longer need to attend expensive and time-consuming career fairs only to chat with a few people. Instead, talk to our pre-qualified candidates that are looking for their next step in life after college athletics.

Let’s take a look at the cost an employer endures to attend a career fair:

Average Participation Charge: $2,750
Estimated Travel Costs: $1,000
Estimated Salary and Admin Costs: $1,000
Total: $4,750

How much does GTG’s virtual career event cost? Just $500.

Virtual career fair schedule and link directly to the site for sign-up: http://bit.ly/GTG-VCE

October 29th – Designated for all student-athletes
November 4th – Designated for student-athletes interested in careers in business
November 12th – Designated for student-athletes interested in careers in STEM (science / technology / engineering / math)
November 19th – Designated for student-athletes interested in careers in teaching and or coaching
Spring 2015 – Designated for all student-athletes

For more information on the career fairs, please visit http://bit.ly/GTG-VCE