Getting the Focus Back on Student-Athletes

By January 9, 2015 No Comments

Less than five percent of the time of an average college athletic department official is spent thinking about the student-athlete. FIVE PERCENT. *

One might be quick to point the blame at the administrators themselves, but that might be shortsighted. In fact, the pressure on these administrators to upgrade facilities, pay high salaries and generate revenue, it is no wonder that the student-athlete experience can get lost in the fast paced nature of college athletics.

That’s where Game Theory Group can help. We provide software services and other offerings to help athletic departments meet the needs of student-athletes in ways they currently are not.

Many athletic departments often talk about increasing the benefits of student-athletes while focusing on things like money, facilities, gifts, and more. We’ve all seen the debate in the mainstream media in recent months about whether or not student-athletes should get paid.

At GTG, we believe the conversation needs to be shifted to focus more on creating a foundation in which the student-athletes can be success now and in the future. What career-based initiatives are colleges putting in place that will happen an athlete succeed 5,10, and 20 years down the line? That’s the conversation that needs to be happening more.

A special congratulations to Jean, David, Kenneth, Adrien and all of those participating in the Black Student-Athlete Conference this week in Austin. These individuals are stars in their field and have a crystal clear focus on the student-athlete experience.

*According to Jean Boyd, Senior Associate AD for Student Athlete Development at Arizona State