March Madness – Academic Style

By March 19, 2015 No Comments

By Vin McCaffrey

March madness is upon us. For an old basketball guy like me, it is a great time of year.

Who doesn’t love the underdog going on a run? Or seeing “their team” win it all?

Going into this March, we took a different angle at the tournament –

How would the brackets play out if they were calculated by using the college/university’s academic ranking?

We used the Forbes rankings of the US’s college/universities to build a bracket based on a simple methodology. Top ranking academic school gets top seed and so on.

The results are pretty interesting –

  • Amongst the top seeds – Duke would remain a #1 and UVA would remain a #2 seed
  • Harvard, Notre Dame and Davidson jump to #1 seeds
  • UCLA, Georgetown and Lafayette jump to #2 seeds

Congratulations to all collegiate student-athletes competing – whether you are in the tournament or not, these experiences will help shape your life in a profound way.

Hope you all have as much fun with the “brackets” as much as we have…