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Webinar Recap: “Hidden in Plain Sight: The Benefits of Aligning Student-Athlete Development and Corporate Sponsorships”

By August 17, 2016 No Comments

This Wednesday (8/17/16), Game Plan’s Founder and CEO, Vin McCaffrey, delivered a webinar for college athletics professionals outlining a new solution that solves two of their main challenges: developing new sponsorship revenue and improving the career placement and outcomes of their student-athletes.

We titled the webinar “Hidden in Plain Sight” to illustrate the fact that our proposed solution–although intuitive once it’s been explained–is not initially obvious.

Here’s a look at what was covered in the session:

  1. The current state of athletics departments, how they are generating revenue today, and their sponsorship opportunities
  2. Current employment trends and job outlook for student-athletes and recent graduates
  3. Latest recruiting trends with a focus on the increasing importance of employer branding (and the opportunity it represents for athletic departments)
  4. Examples of athletic departments that are leveraging these trends to work with sponsors to develop new revenue opportunities (through what we call, “employer sponsorships”)
  5. A guide to employer sponsorships explaining how to get started

In case you missed it, the entire webinar presentation is available here. We’ve also created a guide to employer sponsorships detailing how an athletic department can get started by reaching out to their existing sponsors.

Thanks to all who attended! It was a great showing of professionals from across the industry. And be sure to keep an eye out for our future webinars, we’ll be announcing more to the lineup in the coming weeks! If there’s a topic that’s of interest to you, send us feedback or leave a comment below!

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