From Court to Career: What Your Student-Athletes Need to Know as They Prepare for Life After Sport

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We’re getting into the peak of the recruiting season, but how ready are today’s student-athletes?

According to the 2016 NACE Job Outlook Survey, this year recruiters plan to do 71% of their hiring in the Fall, and only 29% in the Spring. This means, now is the time for student-athletes to be searching and applying for jobs and internships.

Based on what we have seen and heard across the country, there are many student-athletes still waiting until the spring to START their job searches for their post-collegiate careers. But when it comes to recruitment, timing is everything.

How can we support student-athletes to give them a leg up in this process?

What information do they need now to get them headed in the right direction to capitalize on this prime time recruiting season?

How do we help them to balance their fall sports, classes and the job search?

Here are a few tips to help ensure a successful job search process for student-athletes this fall.

Start early.

When it comes to finding and securing a job, relationships are everything. Start building your network and fostering relationships early, because you never know where good connections can lead. Attend your school’s career fairs and other networking events with your resume in hand. One of the most important things you can do now to help your future self is putting yourself out there.

Always do your research.

If you find a company that sparks your interest, it is important to take the time to read the fine print. Impress recruiters by paying attention to the little things. By showing that you made learning about their company one of your priorities, they will make learning about you one of theirs.

Honesty is the best policy.

You don’t know everything, and you aren’t expected to. As a new graduate, the one thing that most individuals lack is experience. While gaining internship experience as an undergraduate student is important, it doesn’t always teach you all that you need to know to be successful in your first job. Don’t be afraid to admit that you might not be the best fit for a position. Think of it like dating, you don’t want to end up in a position that doesn’t bring out the best in you.

Effort is attractive.

Recruiters’ are people, too. When you invest in getting to know them, they take notice. Go above and beyond during your job search and during your career. Always dress to impress, your appearance is a reflection of your character. Write a thank you note for every interview opportunity. Don’t be afraid to follow-up. A brief phone call or email after the fact shows that you are committed to keeping in touch, just don’t overdo it.

Stay ahead of the game.

Finding the right job can take longer than you’d think. As a college senior, start your job hunt during the first semester of your senior year, if not earlier. In order to ensure the best chances of landing your dream job, start your search early while their are more openings to choose from.

With the recruiting season in full swing, NOW is the time for college juniors and seniors to start looking for career and internship opportunities. Get those resumes and cover letters squared away, and start interviewing.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think! Any other tips or best practices you’d share with student-athletes around the recruiting and hiring process?


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