From Sport to Spotlight: How An Athlete’s Time on the Field Prepares Them for Success After Sport

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As of late, finding and retaining human capital has been a huge challenge for many organizations. Recruiters must look far and wide to find the perfect fit for a position, and then face the challenge of keeping their new hires on board. The student-athlete population may be one of the most overlooked, but best kept secrets in the world of recruitment. Here is what makes this population unique and a sure asset to any team of professionals.

They Know The Grind.

The student-athlete experience is not the same as your average students’. Each day, most student-athletes are up before dawn putting in work while the rest of the world sleeps. From morning workouts, to classes, to practice, to competitions, to extracurricular activities, part time jobs, and volunteering- student-athletes excel when the workload is heavy and the pressure is high. Their work ethic is unmatched and can be a tremendous asset to any business.

They Are Coachable.

From the classroom to the court, student-athletes are constantly receiving critical feedback from their coaches, mentors, and peers. Having their performance evaluated and analyzed is an expectation of student-athletes rather than a fear. They feed off of feedback and use it to better themselves to excel in whatever it is that they do. Giving and receiving feedback is a key component of employee success in the workplace, and student-athletes are more than ready to take the constructive criticism and run with it.

They Are Goal Setters.

At a young age, every student-athlete fell in love with a sport and went to great links to make their dreams of collegiate play a reality. This accomplishment did not happen by chance. These athletes set goals for themselves and for their team members and never lost sight of them. The student-athlete goal setting mindset is something that can transfer directly over into the workplace. Good employees are able to set specific, measurable, and obtainable goals for themselves and for their teams- and they know how to execute.

They are Strategic/ Forward Thinking.

Student-athletes have a game plan. Each time they step foot into competition, they have a strategy. They have analyzed the performance of their opponent, pinpointed their strengths and weaknesses, and have developed a strategy to overcome their competition. As we know, in life and in sports, everything doesn’t always go as planned. This means that student-athletes are constantly strategizing and restrateging. They must be forward-thinking. When they make a mistake, they cannot dwell on it. They must make a mental note to learn from it, and continue to focus on the task at hand. This skill is something that is highly sought after by many employers. An employee that is able to think outside the box and overcome obstacles is worth their weight in gold.

They Don’t Quit.

There is nothing easy about the grind of a student-athlete. From the early mornings to the late nights, they are continuously pushed to their limits only to find that they have none. When the going gets tough, they know how to dig deep. Whether it be that one last shot, lap, or hour in the library, the student-athlete knows how to go the extra mile- and it’s never crowded. The student-athlete loves the process. The same goes for life in the workplace. Sometimes the stakes are high and the tasks seem impossible. This is where the student-athlete mindset becomes a huge selling point for employers. Student-athletes don’t quit, they finish what they’ve started.

Student-athletes have a skill set that sets them apart from their peers. Their dedication, work ethic, ambition, and ability to adapt make them prime candidates to be successful in a wide variety of professional roles. When looking to hire, don’t overlook the student-athletes. They’re the ones that are always ready to go the extra mile.

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