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Defining the Journey: The “Not-So-Easy” Road to College Athletics

By October 20, 2016 No Comments

Game Plan works with nearly 60 college athletic departments nationally powering the journey of the student-athlete.  Since launching the Game Plan 8 years ago, we have been “all-in” on the student-athlete experience. It is simply part of our DNA.

We believe the collegiate student-athlete experience is not only an amazing opportunity for the individual as they pass through it, it is an asset for a lifetime. It teaches and hones so many wonderful life skills – teamwork, grit, competitiveness, the ability to receive feedback – all amazing skills found in high achievers in life.

So here is a question I have been wrestling with – when does this student-athlete journey begin?

If you have ever spent any time around youth sports, even at an early age, you will notice how certain kids approach sports differently — some are just more serious than others. Their work ethic at practice. How they listen to a coach. How they communicate with their teammates. How they respond to a tough opponent.  

As a middle school student-athlete becomes a high school student-athlete, it becomes even more clear which individuals desire to go play college sports.  So I am not entirely clear on the exact age the desire kicks in to compete in college athletics, but the journey of an athlete certainly starts well before they step foot on campus.  

This week, Game Plan announced a partnership with RecruitLook, a leading high school recruiting services organization. This is Game Plan’s initial entrance into preparing a high school student-athlete to play college athletics.

The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”  Muhammad Ali

The junior and senior high school athlete desiring to play at a collegiate level is likely already working on their game, becoming “bigger, faster, stronger.” They are equally focused on their academics.  

Yet, what has an enormous potential to trip-up the athlete on campus is not their intellect nor athletic capabilities, but the transition itself.  

Game Plan has taken the experience and lessons of working with over 50,000 collegiate student-athletes to package a solution designed for the aspiring college athlete. Game Plan is an on-ramp to successfully transitioning into college athletics that has a proven track record.  

We are thrilled to begin our relationship with RecruitLook and take our first step into helping the high school student-athlete through their journey into college athletics and beyond.  


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