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Game Plan Teams Up with Syracuse Athletics to Enhance Life Skills and Career Development Programs

By November 8, 2016 November 18th, 2016 No Comments

We are excited to announce our recent partnership with Syracuse University as they look to leverage Game Plan’s innovative student-athlete and career development platform to build on the student-athlete experience.

“Our student-athlete development programs are designed to provide student-athletes with the tools, resources, and opportunities to be successful while at Syracuse and post-graduation,” said Tommy Powell, Assistant Provost for Student-Athlete Academic Development at Syracuse Athletics. “We’re excited to leverage Game Plan as a core piece of our student-athlete development programing and to further promote the holistic development of our student-athletes as they prepare to enter the professional world.”

Members of Syracuse’s athletic leadership have long made it a point to promote comprehensive development of their student-athletes, and Game Plan’s student-athlete development platform will serve as an invaluable tool for them moving forward.

The S-Project, a life skills program will provide student-athletes with proactive and continuing education that will develop skills necessary to excel in the classroom, maximize athletic ability, and prepare them for post-collegiate success.

This program aligns perfectly with Game Plan’s vision for the future of student-athlete development. Much like Syracuse’s program, Game Plan’s Five Stages of Student-Athlete Development places emphasis on the importance of segmenting the student-athlete experience into key stages in order to apply developmental resources effectively.

Equipped with Game Plan’s powerful student-athlete development platform, eLearning modules, and assessments, Syracuse is destined for success as they look to implement their new initiative.

Welcome aboard Syracuse!

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