Next Play Episode 3 | Corey Linsley on how to succeed as a student-athlete

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Today’s conversation is a special one for me. Corey Linsley of the Green Bay Packers joins us. Corey and I first met during his junior year at Ohio State when I was guest lecturing a class where Corey was a student. Corey is mature, curious, confident, well thought out, and an incredibly hard worker—which has served him well and allowed him to become a successful professional football player.  

Corey talks about his journey as an athlete from Ohio State playing for Coach Meyer and now playing for Green Bay. I have said it before, Corey is someone I want our son Quinn to look up to as he truly represents all the right things about athletics. It’s a fun discussion and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Let’s jump in.

What’s Covered:

  • [03:15] Who is Corey Linsley?
  • [04:20] Coaching change in the middle of Corey’s college career
  • [06:55] Balancing athletics and academics
  • [12:30] How to be a big time college athlete, now NFL player, and still keep focus on the future after sports
  • [15:50] What was draft day like?
  • [18:45] Dealing with and overcoming injuries
  • [22:30] The importance of team camaraderie during an injury
  • [24:45] The identity of an athlete
  • [26:50] What’s next after Corey’s NFL career?
  • [39:40] Highlights of Corey’s student-athlete journey
  • [48:35] Corey gives advice to his 19 year old self

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