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From Coach and Athlete to Colleagues — Game Plan Announces New Partnership with Purdue Athletics

By December 8, 2016 No Comments

This week, we are thrilled to announce the addition of Purdue University as one of our newest partners! As a former student-athlete (swimmer) at Purdue, I can’t tell you how awesome it is to begin working with the Boilermakers.

Having been a long-time fan and alum, I’m now in a unique position to be able to work with and support so many student-athletes that now are experiencing what I did at a school and program that gave me so much.

As the director of the college side of our business at Game Plan, I have the privilege of working with some great clients and some of the best athletic departments and student-athletes in the country. Through our new partnership with Purdue, I now get to work alongside my former Purdue swim coach, Cathy Wright-Eger!

It was not that long ago (errr…. 10+ years, actually) that Cathy was my college swim coach at Purdue where she would ever so delicately “direct” me to swim up and down the lane at the aquatics center. Now, she is the Leadership Advisor at the John R. Wooden Leadership Institute at Purdue. She does a great job with the programming there — and is responsible for any number of things in that department from leadership and personal development to team building, career development, Title IX compliance and many other things. I’ve always been quite impressed with her as a woman, mother, leader, coach, advisor and business professional. She had this to say about our new partnership:

“We’re excited to use Game Plan’s assessments and Career Marketplace as a part of our BLAST program,” said Cathy Wright-Eger, Director of Purdue’s John R. Wooden Leadership Institute. “We started BLAST to help our student-athletes better transition out of college athletics into the workplace and to do that, we need a variety of tools and resources to help us get there.”

Through Purdue’s partnership with Game Plan, Purdue’s John R. Wooden Leadership Institute will utilize Game Plan’s comprehensive platform to provide personal and professional development resources as a part of its Boiler Life After Sport (BLAST) programming. The BLAST program provides a variety of resources, speakers, assessments and training for program participants – ranging from financial education to health and wellness post-college.

As someone that works with and talks to countless athletic departments each month, I admire what Purdue is doing with their BLAST program and see it as one of the first formalized programs in the country focused on comprehensively preparing student-athletes for the transition out of sports. It’s exciting for us at Game Plan to see the product used for such a specific mission and purpose — and ultimately one that is core to who we are at Game Plan.

So excited to be working with Cathy and her team to be a part of such an innovative program and we look forward to enhancing the journey of each Purdue student-athletes.

Welcome aboard, Boilermakers!

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