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If We Focus Exclusively on the Outcome, We Will Miss the Journey.

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A key learning of the Academic Progress Rate implementation and its performance is the focus associated with APR success.  It is clear that athletic departments have taken steps to advance in their APR performance, but has this improved performance really assisted the student-athlete throughout their experience?  APR performance is high, yet alumni athletes provide feedback that they are not prepared for the real world.

As metrics evolve from APR to employment, it is increasingly important to evaluate the overall experience of the athlete. By framing the journey of the athlete, you create a model to evaluate the overall development of the student-athlete, academically, personally and as a future professional. As resources are invested into the improvement of these key areas, athletic departments that take a comprehensive view on the athlete’s growth will lead.    

Today, it is not enough focus solely on athletic performance and settle for subpar APR performance. For student-athletes, the journey doesn’t stop at graduation.  Student-Athletes are beginning to demand more from their representative programs. With just between 1-10% of college athletes going pro depending on their sport, the need for employment post graduation is at an all time high. This is where athletic departments have the power to make a real difference for their student-athletes. APR may be high, but what does the job placement rate look like?

Placing athletes into jobs post-college is a challenge we try to target head on, and athletic departments are starting to catch on. By providing student-athletes with access to tools not only for academic and professional success, but also with access to tools focused on career success and job placement, the student-athlete experience begins to mean much more. By measuring what it takes to be successful at each stage of the athlete’s journey, programs can take a more comprehensive approach to student-athlete development. This way, student-athlete potential is optimized and no part of the journey is overlooked.

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