Next Play Episode 11 | Greatest hits from our first 10 episodes

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This week, we’re changing it up a bit. We put together a list of the most interesting snippets from our first 10 episodes.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Next Play yet, this is a great place to start. Let’s jump in.

What’s Covered:

  • [00:25] Tom McMillen on his experience as a student-athlete and the work he’s doing at Lead 1.
  • [04:10] Kathleen Hessert on brand building in sports and entertainment.
  • [08:08] Chris Krause on “athleadership” and the student-athlete journey.
  • [12:15] Dave Bussart talks about opportunities for student-athletes at Red Ventures.
  • [16:10] Penny Semaia on Pitt’s unique approach to student-athlete development.
  • [21:15] Brandon Sneed on student-athletes’ mental wellness.
  • [23:30] Kenneth Miles on the national state of student-athlete development.
  • [28:15] Corey Linsley on making the transition from college to the professional level.
  • [32:45] Dana Greenup talks about the wonderful teaching and coaching opportunities for student-athletes at FirstLine Schools.
  • [35:00] Adonal Foyle on the work he’s doing around the world with professional athletes.

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