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Game Plan’s Expertise on College Athletics Published in New Book on Higher Education

By March 14, 2017 No Comments

Exciting news from Game Plan HQ this week! We’re thrilled that our very own CEO has recently been featured in the release of a new book on higher education — adding “published author” to his bio.

The book “Restoring Trust in Higher Education: Making the Investment Worthwhile Again” by Aneil K. Mishra, PhD. was JUST released to Amazon and Google Books. It highlights leaders from both private and public institutions and provides a 360-degree view of the challenges and opportunities facing higher education. It also offers a manifesto for restoring relevance and respect in higher ed.

In this book, Vin pens the chapter, “Preparing Varsity Athletes for the World of Work” where he highlights key phases of the student-athlete experience and how those experiences contribute to how ready they are for the workplace.

In this chapter, he also details how athletic departments can do a better job of creating programs and measuring and tracking activities in order to create a sense of accountability that fosters an environment that prepares student-athletes effectively for the workplace.

“I am excited that this book brings together a group of contributors whose innovations in higher education are making a real difference in the lives of college students,” said Dr. Aneil Mishra.    “Vin and Game Plan’s efforts to help college athletes succeed in school and after graduation provides a model that can be adopted beyond athletic departments so that all college students can be given the tools and help necessary for them to thrive as well.”

As CEO of Game Plan, there is no one more adamant about student-athlete success than Vin McCaffrey. The opportunity for him to contribute to this book was an honor and he has high hopes that sharing his experiences and research in college athletics will help spark change. Improving the student-athlete experience, supporting their journey, and making it simple for athletic departments to do so as well is at the heart of Game Plan, and contributing this book was another great opportunity to share the message.

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