The digital footprint of the modern day student-athlete is highly fragmented and this can have a large impact on the student-athlete experience. The journey of the student-athlete takes them through several specific stages, each of which can be tracked through the Game Plan platform:
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Beyond any technology required from their campus experience, the student-athlete is constantly being exposed to new technology to accomplish tasks throughout their day.

From working with compliance, student success, life skills development, career development, and communicating with coaches, advisors, and mentors, the student-athlete is overwhelmed with the abundance of vastly different technology platforms. With many apps designed to do only one specific task, student-athletes spend far too much time hopping from platform to platform.

And it’s not just the student-athletes. The advisors and stakeholders of the student-athlete (administration, coaches, etc.) also feel the pain. Using one app to communicate to your football team, another to track community service, one for communicating and text messaging your olympic sports and others for tracking tutors, study hall, schedules, life skills, career development, etc. is  frustrating. It creates inefficiencies and redundancies where they don’t need to be.

Not to mention the confusion that most certainly comes from the student-athlete around where to go for what information.

We believe there’s a better way to manage everything across an athletic department. That there’s a way to create efficiency in communication, streamline locations for hosting data and for working, informing and preparing the student-athletes.

By combining many of these capabilities on one single platform, Game Plan is focused on eliminating platform fatigue and providing a better student-athlete experience and a much more efficient stakeholder experience for advisors, life skills, coaches and other administrators.