The Journey of the Athlete has become Game Plan’s True North.  It is rooted in our own personal experience as athletes, our experiences working with over 50,000 athletes, and, most importantly, the insight we have received by athletic departments and professional leagues nationally.  The Journey guides our product research and development, marketing plans, and sales focus – it’s truly the foundation for Game Plan to build from.

We are proud to introduce you to the updated Game Plan platform.  Game Plan meets the athlete where they are, prescribes key activities, online and off, progressively guiding the athlete through their journey. Game Plan has been enhanced to provide the athlete a clear sense for progress all the while providing stakeholders key measurements that will drive the overall development of the athlete.  

In automating the Journey, Game Plan steps even closer to its mission of guiding 100% of athletes across 100% of their journey.

Game Plan continues to provide cutting edge content solutions for assessment and eLearning.  With this new release, Game Plan now engages athletes where they are with the activities they need to progress to the next stage.  

Game Plan provides unparalleled insight to stakeholders and truly next level athlete development – athletes applying to jobs, employers inviting athletes to apply to jobs, athletes building comprehensive portfolios.  

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