Game Plan Releases Virtual Mentorship

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 Game Plan is thrilled to announce the release of Virtual Mentorship.

Game Plan’s Virtual Mentorship delivers an online solution connecting current players with alumni, retired players and trusted supporters all in the spirit of guiding the athlete through their journey.

The online setting eliminates barriers associated with traditional mentorship, mainly distance and schedules.  In engaging alumni and retired players through mentorship, Virtual Mentorship provides athletic administrators and coaches the benefit of an innovative, efficient way to locate and organize their alumni and retired players.

The Game Plan platform is now far and away the most comprehensive athlete development platform available providing eLearning courses, assessment instruments, career opportunities, employer management and now mentorship all into one centralized platform.  With Game Plan’s Virtual Mentorship, athletic organizations will move one large step closer to alleviate platform fatigue for athletes and their stakeholders.

“If you are like me and have had the opportunity to go through a mentoring program, you know the profound impact it has on you”, says Vin McCaffrey, Founder and CEO of Game Plan. “Virtual Mentorship now knocks down the barriers of time and space to create sustainable relationships.  Designing Virtual Mentorship, I believe an equally significant benefit will be Game Plan’s ability to locate and organize alumni and retired players.”

About Game Plan

Game Plan is a unified athlete development platform, bringing together all the components for a rich athlete experience by connecting leagues, athletic departments, teams, athletes, and employers to improve outcomes for all. Leaders in athletics look to Game Plan to be the foundation for their athlete development program by using a comprehensive approach based on developing an athlete throughout their journey.  For more information, please visit www.wearegameplan.com and connect on Facebook (Game Plan), Twitter (@gameplanworks), and LinkedIn (Game Plan by Game Theory Group).

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