Earlier this year, Game Plan announced Major League Baseball as a new customer providing post-playing career transition services and resources to major and minor league players.

Today, Game Plan’s thrilled to announce our newest professional league customer, the National Basketball Association.  In this innovative new partnership, Game Plan will be assisting the NBA as part of the NBA G League Education Program (NBA Official Release), designed to better prepare NBA G League players for Life After Sport.  

Only one week in and over a third of the G League have already completed the Game Plan Athlete Identity Assessment.  The NBA is using Game Plan as a central platform to manage the comprehensive development of the players.  For example, in addition to the assessment, the NBA and their sponsors will be using Game Plan’s Career Marketplace to provide job shadowing opportunities for their players.

Game Plan is in the final stages of  developing several new eLearning courses for G-League players.  These 5-7 minute courses are being created in partnership with the NBA’s subject matter experts focusing on real life issues that have been identified by the NBA, including:

  • Health education
  • Relationship management
  • Player Assistance
  • Professionalism

At Game Plan, we are focused on the Journey of the Athlete and thrilled to partner with leaders in professional athletics.  The common interest for us all is to assist and guide athletes through their professional athletics career and ultimately help them transition successfully to life after sport.


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