Game Theory Group Takes Student-Athlete Development to New Levels With the Release of Game Plan 3.0

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“For nearly six years, GTG has been committed to the comprehensive development of the student-athlete,” Vin McCaffrey, GTG’s CEO, said. “In this day, where terms like student-athlete welfare and student-athlete experience have become buzzwords, GTG has provided genuine solutions that focus first and foremost on the student-athlete.”

Game Plan 3.0 builds on the experiences of working with over 15,000 collegiate student-athletes in nearly 40 athletic departments nationally as well as the wealth of information from strategic partnerships with organizations such as the National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics (N4A) to better understand the requirements and demands of student-athletes and their stakeholders.

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Unlike any software on the market, Game Plan 3.0 has the ability to guide a student-athlete through the entire student-athlete continuum including the transition into college, academic and career development while in college, as well as transition into the workforce.

Game Plan 3.0 is an innovative, mobile-ready software platform that provides tools such as assessment and eLearning to athletic departments and their student-athletes. Being mobile-ready allows coaches, student-athletes and administrators alike to access the software at anytime, increasing convenience and effectiveness.

Game Plan 3.0 assessment offerings will include the ability to measure areas such as:

· personality interests and strengths
· learning styles
· intangibles such as leadership tendencies and team orientation
· leadership strengths
· as well as an industry first, the student-athlete identity transition.

These assessment instruments have proven to be powerful tools in assisting athletic departments in academic progress development (APR), career advancement and even coaching.

GTG has completely re-developed its eLearning modules to include a mobile-ready library of over 50 interactive modules which range from thirty seconds to three minutes in length. Each eLearning module engages the student-athlete on “micro-topics” to help build knowledge, skills and abilities while maximizing the student-athlete’s time. The modules have been developed in a comprehensive four-year curriculum and are a perfect tool set for the student-athlete development professional. eLearning lessons include topics such as:

  • time management
  • goal setting
  • self awareness
  • habits of successful students
  • academic planning
  • career development as a student-athlete
  • transition to the workforce
  • student-athlete identity transition
  • being world-ready

Game Plan 3.0 connects the student-athlete to internship and full-time positions available through GTG’s network of employers. These employers come from industries such as:

· education / coaching
· financial services
· technology
· healthcare
· professional services

Game Plan 3.0 is the foundation for future development which includes athletic alumni solutions, mentoring, networking and career advancement.

Game Plan is completely menu-based and priced as an a la carte solution. Annual athletic department subscriptions start as low as $250. This provides access to student-athlete communications features and GTG’s comprehensive career development services for the entire athletic department. Invest an additional $250 ($500 total) to access 50+ eLearning modules for the entire athletic department.