For the months of January 2017 and January 2018, Game Plan saw a 2008%+ increase in eLearning courses assigned. In January 2018, over 25,000 courses were assigned.

Why is this important?

eLearning course assignment is a confidence metric – we want to understand if athletics organization customers trust our courses and if our courses fit the need for the education and development of athletes.

In a sense, it provides an indicator of how ‘locked-in’ Game Plan is in our engagement with athletes.

For Athletics Organizations

If you are an athletics organization looking for new ways to engage your athletes:

  1. Athletic departments and pro leagues are finding limitations to traditional education and development – mainly the limits of an athlete’s availability. Game Plan customers use online, on-demand eLearning to increase increase the engagement with their athletes.
  2. Game Plan’s learning management system is better than ever – more courses across more subjects and clear analytics. The investments made into our courseware capabilities have been significant and are paying dividends.

For Employers

If you are an employer interested in hiring athletes:

  1. Game Plan engages athletes throughout their journey, teaching courses across a broad array of subjects including career, personal and professional development.
  2. By engaging athletes throughout their journey, Game Plan aligns employer branding opportunities with the development of the athlete to maximize both the growth of the athlete with their recruitment.

To learn more about Game Plan’s eLearning courses and our learning management system, schedule a demo.