Two brand new courses developed in partnership with One Love Foundation are now available inside the Game Plan platform!

These courses cover topics related to healthy relationships and feature One Love’s world-class video content as well audio narration and more!

About the New Courses

These two new courses focus on helping athletes recognize warning signs of an unhealthy relationship. They also cover strategies for talking to friends who may be in an abusive relationship along with additional resources for support.

The courses each feature a short film that demonstrates warning signs associated with unhealthy relationships.

The first film, titled “Love Labyrinth,” tells the story of a young woman and her temperamental boyfriend. The film follows their relationship as he becomes increasingly aggressive.

The second film documents a recent social experiment One Love conducted in NYC on Valentine’s Day to bring attention to the topic of unhealthy relationships (we won’t spoil it for you).

Consider making these courses part of your annual sexual violence prevention education programming!

If you’re interested in seeing the courses live along with other courses in our sexual violence prevention curriculum, you can request a demo at this link.

About One Love

One Love was founded in 2010 after Yeardley Love, a former University of Virginia student-athlete, was killed by her ex-boyfriend.

The foundation celebrates and honors the positive spirit and kindness that Yeardley personified—and is committed not only to honoring her memory, but also to saving others from suffering the same fate.

Their work is rooted in the honest belief that abuse is an epidemic that can be stopped when young adults are educated and empowered to affect change in their communities.