Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Prudential!

Through this partnership, our goal is to help the organization establish themselves as one that values the skills and habits that the athlete experience cultivates in individuals across the country.

By offering athletes new internship and job opportunities inside the Game Plan platform, Prudential’s Charlotte branch, North Carolina Financial Group, is positioned to enhance their employer brand among a largely untapped talent pool.

Engaging Athletes Across Their Journey

During their time in sport, athletes go through several key stages of development—beginning with personal growth and eventually leading up to their transition into the professional world.

As a Game Plan partner, Prudential now has unique access to athletes across the country during each stage of their journey—giving the organization the opportunity to build deeper relationships with candidates earlier on.

This new talent acquisition strategy goes well beyond what has previously been possible through traditional recruiting tools such as job boards.

The Value of the Athlete Experience

It’s no secret that athletes are a coveted group of candidates among private, public and non-profit organizations.

The grit, determination and competitive nature fostered during their time in sport help athletes develop attributes that are readily transferable to the professional world.

Prudential recognizes athletes as a highly desirable group of prospective hires, and we look forward to connecting athletes across the country with such an outstanding organization.