We’re very excited to announce a new partnership with Stephen F. Austin University Athletics to provide their staff and student-athletes with additional tools for personal and career development—including Game Plan’s growing list of eLearning courses, proprietary assessment instruments and online career services tools.

“Stephen F. Austin State University is excited to be partnering with Game Plan to enhance our student-athlete experience,” said Loree McCary, SFA’s Assistant Athletic Director and Senior Woman Administrator. “We know that Game Plan will be an invaluable addition to our SFA 101 academic programming for freshmen athletes, will thoroughly support our life skills programming, and will be a unique career resource that our athletes and employers can use to connect graduates with professional opportunities. We see an incredible number of opportunities to integrate Game Plan into our department and hope to be among the leaders in our conference for offering student development support.”

The Department of Athletics at Stephen F. Austin State University has a longstanding tradition of excellence on the playing field—a rich tradition that also extends beyond that to academic excellence, campus leadership, and community outreach. The Academic Center and Athletics Student Services provide student-athletes with resources to be successful in all of life’s arenas.

“Stephen F. Austin University Athletics have proven their commitment to supporting their student-athletes through 100% of their journey through initiatives like their CHAMPS/Life Skills Program. We’re excited to partner with them to provide a comprehensive platform that extends their current capabilities and gives their staff new tools for delivering world-class student-athlete development programs.”

Vin McCaffrey
Founder & CEO, Game Plan

Welcome aboard, Lumberjacks and Ladyjacks!