Today, we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with DC United’s Youth Academy. Through this partnership, the academy’s players will have access to a wide array of educational content through the Game Plan platform—providing the organization with a new way to virtually manage and support the “off the field” development of their players.

The academy will have access to an entire curriculum of eLearning courses designed specifically for athletes between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. These courses cover critical topics including financial literacy, time management, social media awareness, academic eligibility and more.

In addition to a growing library of eLearning courses, the academy will also have access to Game Plan’s proprietary interest and personality assessments, the Student-Athlete Interest Inventory and the Student-Athlete Transition Assessment (Next Play Pro). These assessments are designed uniquely for athletes to help them better understand their athletic identity to anticipate challenges they may face during their transition into life after sport.

“As a professional academy, it is important for us to develop not only players but people. We believe in a holistic approach to personal growth and development and we believe Game Plan will really help our players grow and become more professional on and off the field!”
Ryan Martin
D.C. United Academy Director


“Engaging the young athlete has been a goal of ours from day one. Working with the DC United Academy gives us the opportunity to help their elite youth athletes begin to build good habits in critical areas like communication and relationship building, become self aware of their athletic identity and academic interests, and better understand their opportunities ahead—whether it be at the college or pro level.”
Vin McCaffrey
CEO & Founder, Game Plan

Welcome aboard, DC United Academy!