It’s no secret that budgets steer a variety of initiatives inside college athletics. Fundraising, in particular, is an important means for achieving ends like increasing the competitiveness of programs or providing support resources for student-athletes and staff. Regardless of your own priorities or initiatives, fundraising has never been more important in collegiate athletics.

For the past year, Game Plan’s virtual mentorship marketplace has connected prospective mentors with current student-athletes to help advise them in their athletic journey. This connection has created a unique phenomenon—a network effect of alumni who are all eager to give back to their university beyond just monetary contributions. If you can provide that opportunity in a way that’s accessible and scalable to student-athletes and mentors alike—they’re all in.

Launching and administering a mentorship program that “sticks” can be difficult—and “platform fatigue,” a term coined to describe how it feels to keep up with a variety of different (and changing) software, can affect both participation and engagement between mentors and mentees.

As we detailed in a recent post, Game Plan hits the proverbial “two birds with one stone” as an all-in-one platform for delivering comprehensive student-athlete development programming—including virtual mentorship.

  1. Current athletes benefit from tested advice offered by those who have been in their shoes and alumni are given the opportunity to build a more meaningful connection with their alma mater and its next generation of leaders.
  2. Alumni development and fundraising have an innovative new way to foster ongoing relationships with their alumni.

On November 14th at 12pm EST, Game Plan will be hosting a webinar for all college athletics fundraising and alumni development professionals detailing our experiences and best practices for delivering mentorship programs to support student-athletes and engage alumni.

Use the link below to register for the webinar.