Game Plan and Prime U are excited to announce a strategic partnership.
The partnership will complement Prime U’s in-person engagement with Game Plan’s innovative
online solution.

Founded in 2017, Prime U has taken the college and professional athletics industry by storm.
Prime U’s mission is “to help individuals become the best versions of themselves through talent
development solutions, individual coaching, and team culture development.”

Founder Jarrod Barnes is a former collegiate football player who is now working to bridge the
gap between education being delivered in the classroom and application within real-world

“Prime U is incredibly excited to partner with Game Plan! Through this partnership, we are able
to provide a sustainable and measurable impact through Game Plan’s holistic athlete
development platform that compliments our keynotes and workshops.”
Jarrod Barnes,
Founder, Prime U

The partnership will provide a blended model of in-person and online education to
comprehensively engage and develop athletes.

“Off the field development is a clear priority for athletics departments, coaches and
administrators. It’s become the cornerstone to the athlete experience. We believe that a
blended model of in-person and online development is the best practice for athlete
development. Jarrod and the team at Prime U in a very short time frame have established
themselves as an outstanding asset for athletics organizations – both at the college and
professional level. Our missions align and our offerings are very complementary. We’re excited
about this partnership and the lasting effect it will provide the athletes throughout their journey.”
Vin McCaffrey, Founder, Game Plan

To learn more about the partnership, Game Plan or Prime U, please contact Dalton Britt at or 252-214-5570.