We are very excited to announce a new partnership with the NHL Alumni Association to aid NHL alumni as they move from professional athletics into the next chapter of their lives. This partnership will focus on providing the alumni with educational resources along with career and mentorship opportunities to position them for success in their life after hockey.

“The Alumni is extremely excited to partner with Game Plan, the only all in one platform for athlete development, to provide a creative developmental journey that will appeal to a global reach of our retired players. Our goal is to ‘Honour the Past’ and launch every player’s retirement to a successful future!”
Glenn Healy
Executive Director NHL Alumni Association

Game Plan will serve as a centralized platform for NHL alumni that will include an exclusive network of mentors and prospective employers. Additionally, players will have access to customized educational content related to making a healthy transition into a fulfilling career based on their skills, interest and athletic identity.

“Game Plan is beyond excited to partner with the NHL Alumni in their mission to helping retired players in their life after hockey journey. Game Plan’s expertise is focused on an athlete’s developmental process, such as the transition into competitive hockey, transition as a rookie into professional athletics and then ultimately, into life after sport. Life after sport has different stages of development and our partnership with The Alumni is designed to maximize the reach and engagement of each alum uniquely. Most importantly, we love the Alumni’s mission and their team. We are thrilled to begin our partnership.”
Vin McCaffrey
CEO, Game Plan