“Continued enhancements and innovations in educational programming are necessary to protect student-athlete well-being and contest fairness.”

NCAA’s 2017 Trends in Student-Athlete Gambling Behaviors and Attitudes

Game Plan is excited to introduce a brand new eLearning curriculum designed to educate college athletes, coaches and administrators on Sports Wagering & Integrity in Athletics. This comprehensive eLearning program has just completed peer review by select leaders in sports law and college athletics compliance and is available now!

For student-athletes, the curriculum is a seven part eLearning series which includes a pre and post assessment designed to measure the actual comprehension of student-athletes on the sports wagering and integrity in sports subject matter.

Part 1: Sports Wagering in College Athletics

Why sports wagering is prohibited, along with terminology and definitions.

Part 2: Sports Wagering in the US

The legal status of sports wagering across the U.S. along with the correlated risks associated with wagering on sports as a student-athlete (e.g. gambling addiction, jail time, loss of eligibility, etc.).

Part 3: Student-Athletes & Sports Wagering

Breakdown of the NCAA student-athletes and their sports wagering behaviors as well as case studies.

Part 4: Integrity in Athletics

How sports wagering among athletes can affect the integrity of a sport, program and university.

Part 5: NCAA Sports Wagering Rules

The NCAA bylaws governing sports wagering in detail along with how a student-athlete should interpret the rules.

Part 6: Examples of Sports Wagering Violations

Infamous student-athlete sports wagering scandals in the U.S. (with any identifying information redacted).

Part 7: Sports Wagering Hypothetical Scenarios

A series of scenarios related to sports wagering behaviors and asks student-athletes how they would proceed.

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For administration and staff, there is also a two part series designed uniquely for college athletics administrators.

Courses average seven minutes in length and can be taken via Game Plan’s web and mobile application.

Sports Wagering in the US

In May of 2018, the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) permitting states to legalize sports wagering. In 2018, Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island all passed legislation to legalize. There are an additional 13 states moving to legalize sports wagering in 2019 and likely more to follow.

The sports wagering marketplace is estimated to exceed $150 billion in the US alone for 2019, attracting a wide range of consumer models and investments. Technology is leading the investment focus creating innovative new forms of wagering as well as enhanced oversight to the market.

College Athletics and Sports Wagering

Studies from the NCAA show sports wagering is pervasive across college student-athletes:

  • 24% of male and 5% of female athletes reported breaking sports wagering bylaws in last 12 months
  • 57% of male athletes and 41% of female athletes believe wagering is acceptable as long as you don’t wager on your own sport
  • 41% of male athletes and 26% of female athletes believe coaches see wagering as acceptable as long as you don’t bet on your own games

Beyond the collegiate student-athlete, estimates from the National Center for Responsible Gaming say that 75% of college students gambled in the past 12 months.

Game Plan: The Leader in Online Education for Athletes

College athletics departments adoption of Game Plan’s learning management system has paved the way to deliver this timely education to athletes. Over the past several years, Game Plan’s eLearning courses have become a staple to its college athletics customers. Athletes schedules and other demands have athletics leaders looking for new ways to enhance engagement of the athlete.

Game Plan’s eLearning course cover a wide range of subject matter including, healthy relationships, life skills, financial education and athletic identity. The introduction of Sports Wagering and Integrity in Sport is a high demand from Game Plan’s customers and college athletics departments.

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