Today we’re excited to announce a new partnership with the Kansas City Royals to create an efficient model for engaging their players off the field! Through this partnership, our goal is to build on the important and extensive work the Royals have been doing with their player development programming by making it more accessible and measurable through the Game Plan platform and mobile app.

The Royals have been innovators among their peers in terms of prioritizing their players’ development as leaders both on and off the field. As an organization that strives to ignite success in the lives of their players during their time in baseball and beyond, the Royals are a prime example of a partner that is perfectly aligned with our mission at Game Plan.

“Partnering with Game Plan supports the Royals’ organizational philosophy of developing our players as professionals on the field while striving to develop our players as people off the field. This platform allows us to invest in our players as soon as we sign them, educate and mentor them while they are part of our organization, and support them as they transition to life after baseball. Every player has his unique career path, and Game Plan’s electronic platform and app allows us to meet the needs of all players, no matter where they are in the developmental process, as they strive to reach their goal of playing in the major leagues.”
Jeff Diskin, Director – Professional Development | Kansas City Royals

This partnership will involve utilizing the fantastic resources that the Royals have offered to their players—including workshops, speaker panels, handbooks and many other materials—and evolving their delivery to make them available to players on-demand by meeting them where they are. The Royals will also have access to Game Plan’s online suite of tools for managing relationships with mentors, former players and employers to create top-down efficiency across multiple levels and stakeholders.

“Player development and player education is a critical aspect of professional athletics. For Kansas City, it’s clear player development is central to their culture as an organization. Game Plan will provide baseball operations and management more flexibility in delivering and managing player education while introducing new forms of engagement such as mentorship and career services. For the players, current and alumni, education will be delivered in an innovative new mobile first application, allowing them to access resources on the move. We are beyond thrilled to begin working with such as world-class organization as the Royals.”
Vin McCaffrey, CEO & Founder of Game Plan

Welcome aboard, Royals!