Last week, we released our 2019 Student-Athlete Development Industry Report (the feedback so far has been phenomenal). This report combines survey data collected from student-athlete development professionals at nearly 100 DI institutions across the country. Respondents were asked questions related to how student-athlete development departments are organized (including staffing and budget breakdowns) along with how programming subject matter is prioritized, delivered and evaluated. Check out just a few of the report’s findings below, and be sure to grab your own free digital copy here.

of respondents report that less than 30 student-athletes attend in-person events (and 49% report that less than 20 attend these events).

of respondents do not currently track whether or not student-athletes have a job in hand, or plan to attend graduate school, upon graduation.

hold 3 or more in-person events on career development each year (the average number of student-athlete development events held each year is 10-11).