Thank you to the Wall Street Journal for showcasing Game Plan in your most recent article on college athletes and their transition into the workforce.

Game Plan’s mission is to guide 100% of athletes through 100% of their journey.  Our software has been uniquely designed for athletics organizations to integrate mobile-first learning, with virtual mentorship and career services.

As the article stated, college athletes represent wonderful candidates for the workforce but clearly not all college athletes have the same interests and identities.  Their athletic identity, which is what makes them unique amongst other athletes, differs greatly from athlete to athlete, sport to sport, and across genders.

Over three years ago, Game Plan launched its identity assessment, which helps an athlete identify the most prominent aspects of how athletics has shaped their personality and identity.  Today, the Next Play Pro assessment is used by professional leagues, such as the NBA, over 60 college athletics departments, and competitive high school athletes nationally.

Game Plan’s original customers and its largest customer base are college athletics departments.  College athletics departments across the country use Game Plan to help onboard their student athletes, educate them on an array of subjects including career development, mental health, and life skills related topics. Game Plan is also used to educate athletes on compliance-based subjects such as sports wagering and sexual violence prevention.

Throughout the athlete’s journey, athletic departments utilize the software to connect athletes with mentors and interested employers. It is the insight gained from this assessment and more that allows Game Plan to help guide an athlete as they move through challenging transitions such as high school to college and college into life after sport.


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