As this is an unprecedented time for college athletics and higher education in general we would like to applaud your leadership and placing student-athlete welfare as the highest priority. As student-athletes are away from campus and student-athlete development efforts / compliance education efforts are altered, we would like to share with you a few ways, Game Plan can assist in the education and development of your athletes.

Mental Wellness Education

During this time away from campus, their teammates, and the sport they love the mental wellness of student-athletes is severely impacted. Game Plan offers a 4 course curriculum on Mental Wellness in College Athletics, developed by Dr. Emmett Gill, that dives deep in challenges addressing the athlete and how to start conversation with mental health professionals, parents, and friends.

Identity Transition

Seniors whose final season has been cut short often struggle with their identity transition from collegiate athletics to life after sport. Our proprietary personality assessment (Next Play Pro) assess which aspects of the athletic experience athletes are most closely drawn to and offers suggestions on how to improve the transition away from sport. Furthermore, your student-athlete development professionals and academic advisors can access these results to provide customized services to your athletes during the time away from campus.

School / Team Specific Information

Game Plan has the ability for you to bring information that is specific to your university onto the platform through our Custom Content modules. Courses can be created in 2 days (basic version) or 6 weeks (premium content) and will allow your staff to feature your messages, information, documents, and more in an engaging and interactive and trackable way.

Career Development

Juniors and Seniors that are gearing up for internships and full-time job opportunities will have the ability, through Game Plan, to prepare themselves on topics such as resume writing, interview skills, professional conduct and much more through our professional development curriculum.

During this period, Game Plan will continue to provide personalized assistance with your programming needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Director of Customer Success, Christian Kuehne at