Athletics administrators are prioritizing their plans for return to play above all else, but it is also time to start addressing the pending Name, Image and Likeness legislation facing college athletics. Through work with industry professionals and Game Plan athletics partners, Game Plan is set to launch a four course educational primer to prepare student-athletes and administrators for the future of NIL.

This primer sets the stage for a much larger educational initiative in early 2021, when the details of NIL have been finalized. Until then, athletic departments have an opportunity – and obligation – to establish a foundational understanding of key issues for their student athletes and athletic department personnel.  Departments who prepare for this new operating environment in an organized, thoughtful manner will be best positioned for long term success and legislative compliance.

Game Plan’s NIL Primer has been designed to be Comprehensive, Independent and Measurable. 


Comprehensive - NIL spans past branding. Game Plan’s curriculum covers compliance, decision frameworks, implications and financial responsibilities, opportunities, branding and more.

Independent - Professional leagues do not typically allow agents to manage their athletes’ money. There is a separation of responsibilities to reduce conflict of interest. NIL education in the spirit of onboarding athletes into branding programs runs a significant risk of similar conflicts of interest. Game Plan’s NIL curriculum is an independent educational tool, with no conflicting interests in the commercialization of student-athletes’ NIL.

Measurable - Game Plan’s ability to measure participation, comprehension and sentiment provides athletics departments the critical insight to make informed decisions, analyze risks and understand their athletics department’s needs.

NIL Primer: Curriculum Overview

Game Plan’s role is to not advocate for or against NIL. The curriculum has been designed to introduce NIL, basic concepts and provide simple frameworks for making future decisions as it relates to NIL.