Today, RISE and Game Plan announced the release of 10 new courses exclusively on Game Plan’s eLearning platform. The addition enhances their ability to educate athletes and empower the sports community in the areas of racial discrimination, social justice, and race relations.

RISE’s interactive curriculum increases understanding of racial equity and builds cultural competence. Its courses equip athletes, coaches, and sports administrators of all levels with tools to properly address the principles of diversity and inclusion.

“RISE’s vision is to create a nation unified through sports committed to racial equity and social justice. Our vision is bold and we are ceaseless in our pursuit of it, and effecting so much meaningful change requires amazing partners like Game Plan,” said Diahann Billings-Burford, RISE CEO. “Bringing our interactive curriculum to Game Plan’s platform strengthens our ability to educate and empower the sports community to become advocates for racial equity.”

Game Plan measures athlete participation as well as deeper metrics such as comprehension and sentiment tied to its courses. With more than 250 athletics organizations using its platform and 1,250 courses completed daily, Game Plan is excited to introduce these new offerings to its partners.


“The LA Rams are proud to have worked with RISE for the past two years, breaking down barriers and building communities with RISE with the Rams. In this third year, we’re excited to partner with Game Plan to allow our work to go further in the LA area.” 

–  Jacques McClendon, Los Angeles Rams Director of Player Engagement

This release increases Game Plan’s leading slate of world-class development tools for athletes. Customers receive mobile-first resources designed to educate players on a wide range of topics. These include Healthy Relationships, Diversity and Inclusion, Athletic Identity, Life After Sport, Career Development, Sports Wagering, and Academic Success. Game Plan looks forward to continued collaboration with RISE to not only start meaningful conversations, but to effect real change.

“RISE’s ability to enact change through education has been an inspiration and has had an immeasurable impact on the athletic community. The release of these courses to the athletics community will only strengthen and empower high school, college and professional athletics organizations to continue educating all athletes in the vision of racial equity and social justice.”

Vin McCaffery – Founder and CEO of Game Plan

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