Game Plan is proud to announce the renewal of its partnership with The NHL Alumni Association (NHLAA). The NHLAA is a charitable organization devoted to bettering the lives of all former NHL players. And through Game Plan, the NHLAA will continue to have access to interactive eLearning courses and virtual workshops covering a variety of topics specifically designed for former professional athletes.

Through this partnership with Game Plan, the NHLAA continues to lead the way in innovative programming focused on supporting and serving former NHL players, referees and their spouses. The Game Plan platform allows NHL alumni to access interactive learning content on a variety of pressing topics such as transition away from hockey, the NHL Players Speaking to Players series, social media/branding, financial education, and much more.”


In 2020 the NHLAA is also starting up its NHLAA Transition Virtual Forum series through Game Plan’s innovative virtual workshop feature. This forum will host interactive virtual sessions with NHL Alumni subject-matter experts covering the most pressing topics for NHL alumni and their families.

 “The NHLAA TRANSITION VIRTUAL FORUM provides us a new means of communication with and amongst our Alumni that enables a better connectivity for our Members and Wives, while giving us the ability to reach a much larger geographic scope. The platform is an invaluable tool to provide information and interactive communication with respect to topics that are impactful to our Membership.” –Wendy McCreary Senior Director, NHL Alumni & Transition Program

The NHLAA has become the largest membership association for retired professional hockey players. Game Plan is beyond proud to continue to expand its work with the organization to include interactive eLearning on career development, athlete identity transition, mental health, financial literacy, as well as the Players Speaking to Players series. This series provides another level of support for the alumni and provides members the ability to learn from their peers that have made a successful transition into life after hockey.

"The NHL Alumni Association leads an outstanding experience for their alumni. We are thrilled to continue our partnership and expand education, mentorship and career services. The foundation for the NHL Alumni Association is its people - both the administration and its members. Their investment into the successful transition of a retired NHL player is textbook.”

Vin McCaffreyCEO of Game Plan