Game Plan is excited to announce its newest partnership with True North Sports.

Through this partnership, Game Plan and True North Sports will be providing a first of its kind Coaches Development Academy (CDA) led by Celia Slater, CEO & Chief Visionary of True North Sports. 

The Coaching Development Academy is broken down into three parts: 

  • Part 1- Managing Yourself 
  • Part 2- Managing Your Program
  • Part 3- Managing Your Culture 

During this 10 week program, 70 coaches from 6 different Game Plan partnered conferences will go through Part 1-Managing Yourself, gaining clarity on who they are and how they want to coach by establishing what their program will stand for. 

The entire program will be taught and managed in Game Plan, marking it as Game Plan’s inaugural class. 

“Celia and True North Sports is a pioneer for coach education. They have established the playbook to develop yourself as a coach. In turn, Celia has pushed our innovation as this program represents Game Plan’s first true “class” incorporating scheduled workshops blended with eLearning. We’re thrilled to bring this program to our first class of coaches this fall.” – Vin McCaffrey, CEO Game Plan

Coaches from the following Game Plan partnered conferences will be involved in the Coach Development Academy:  

Great American Conference 

Great Midwest Athletic Conference

PAC 12 Conference 

Big Sky Conference 

Big South Conference 

Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference 

Other participants include: Morehead State, University of Oklahoma, University of Kansas


“All of us at True North Sports feel grateful to have the opportunity to partner with Game Plan. Their platform is one of a kind and their leadership and staff are first class. I am excited to collaborate and provide a high quality Coach Development program for coaches of all sports. I know this program will give these coaches the tools they need to elevate their coaching game.” – Celia Slater, CEO True North Sports


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