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“Dear Younger Self” By: Jaynee Nadolski

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Jaynee Nadolski was promoted to Senior Associate Commissioner for Compliance & Governance of the Big Sky Conference in March of 2019. She also serves as the Senior Woman Administrator for the conference office and is the league’s liaison between the NCAA and conference institutions for all compliance, academic and governance issues.

What advice would you give yourself as you approached your first 30 days in your first job?

“You have spent your whole life preparing for this. When others were floating through life without real purpose, you were lifting weights both physically and mentally. You were putting in the work and you were learning. You are here because of your work ethic and your willingness to do what others won’t. Long hours don’t mean a thing. Criticism is just an opportunity to grow. This is just another step toward your dream. Lift the weights. Learn the skills. Earn your position day in and day out. Excel and advance.”

What advice would you give a young professional that wants to be in your shoes one day?

” 1) Earn Your Stripes. Be willing to do the jobs no one wants to do, for they are just another opportunity for growth. So, run those stats, volunteer to hang marketing signs at 6 a.m., work security during the game, clean out the Gatorade jugs, track down the missing paperwork for an athlete. Whatever it takes is what you should be willing to do to reach your goals.

  2) Figure It Out. You’re not always going to have someone to show you the ropes. Figure it out. You may be put in a position that you’re not trained for. Figure it out. You may be asked to take on a project that is complex and way above your pay scale. Figure. It. Out. And then execute. Blaze the trail for yourself and for others who come after you.

  3) Attitude & Effort. My boss often says “When you wake up in the morning, you control two things: Attitude & Effort.” Make sure you show up every day with a positive attitude and ready to work. Those who can work effectively with others and contribute daily to the work of the organization are the ones that excel in this industry.

  4) Be Humble, Stay Focused. Successful leaders understand that they are a part of a team and the team is always greater than the individual. Make sure you give credit where it is due and recognize the team effort in all accomplishments. Most of all, remember your “Why” of choosing this career path.

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