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“Dear Younger Self” By: Ed Kull

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Edward M. Kull was named Director of Athletics at Fordham on July 1, 2020. A former Senior Vice President at GENYOUth Foundation, previously served as the Senior Director of Development and Senior Associate Athletic Director at Fordham University since May of 2017 where he was responsible for leading the annual and major gift fundraising efforts supporting 22 intercollegiate and club sports.

What advice would you give yourself as you approached your first 30 days in your first job?
  • Listen to everyone: Staff, coaches, alumni, donors, other university leaders and departments, external community, and most importantly the student-athletes.
  • Patience: Don’t rush to a decision, but discuss and weigh all options and the impact of each.
  • Maintain perspective of the priorities and what can be controlled, situations can change day to day. Don’t stress and worry about what you can’t control.
  • Pay attention to the silver lining of what seems like a bad situation or circumstance. Take the time to see new focuses and new opportunities. During a season of no sport competitions, you can focus on social injustice, mentoring, mental health, career services, community and civic engagement, evaluating employees during challenging times, budget evaluation, capital campaigns, and relationship building with alumni and staff.
  • See all challenges as opportunities: Turn difficulties into a chance to learn something new and broaden your skills and strengths. Sharpen the strategic and facilities master plan, restructure the organizational chart, and find more opportunities for university-wide collaboration.
What advice would you give a young professional that wants to be in your shoes one day?
  • Establish an inner circle of mentors and an advisory committee that you can lean on and ask questions. Chat with other ADs and CEOs to talk about tough decisions and their leadership and management approach.
  • Never stop asking questions and learning. Read everything. Absorb as much info as possible.  
  • Thank and appreciate your team and those individuals who go above and beyond.
  • Over-communicate to everyone while empowering and creating a shared ownership.
  • Always be transparent to help build trust and create a strong culture and environment.
  • Don’t assume – educate and share information with all.

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