We recently spoke with Robert Richardson of Dohrmann Insurance Agency, an Alera Group firm. Robert is a sales producer for Dohrmann Insurance Agency and has been with them for the past five years. In our interview, Robert shared with us how his experience as a collegiate athlete shaped his work ethic and drive in his professional career. Being a collegiate athlete provides a unique experience for individuals to learn discipline and sharpen their competitive nature on and off the field. Robert was a pitcher for the baseball team at the University of the Pacific, where he learned dedication and drive through his experience.

How has your experience as a college athlete transferred into your career?

Robert shared that overcoming challenges was a skill that transferred well from his collegiate career into his professional career. As an athlete, he overcame injuries and academic pressures. He was able to dig into his determination and dedication, strived to prove himself as an athlete and play to the best of his abilities, and was able to transfer his dedication to his career. He strives to prove himself and better his skills as a sales producer on a daily basis. The competitive nature that he nurtured during his athletic career has transitioned over into his sales. It bolstered his drive to provide the best experience for his clients. 

How have you had an opportunity to use those skills in your current position with Alera?

Robert has been able to utilize his competitive nature through his sales opportunities. It (quite literally) pays to be competitive in a sales position, and his competitive spirit has provided him with opportunities to grow as a professional.

 He has been able to use the skills he learned from being part of a team. Because of Alera Group’s collaborative spirit, Robert works with team members from all over the country and combines their unique skills and knowledge to produce exceptional results for his clients. 

Robert also shared that balancing school and baseball prepared him for the fast-paced world of sales. Balancing the demands of travel (before COVID-19) against the needs of the office can be challenging work, but being able to create a schedule and stick to it is an incredibly useful skill he gained as a collegiate athlete. The flexibility of working as a sales producer for an Alera Group firm has offered Robert the chance to utilize his time management skills.

How does Alera Group stand out from other similar organizations?

Alera Group strives for collaboration and begins with a team-oriented approach. Alera Group firms collaborate across firms to share knowledge and foster sales. Robert, who is based in Stockton, CA was able to work with another Alera firm to land a sale in Florida. Being able to work so closely with other Alera Group firms really sets Alera apart from similar organizations. 

What are the benefits of working for an Alera Group firm?

Alera Group is selective about the firms they choose. Because Alera Group focuses on slow growth with quality results, employees can work with experts from other Alera Group firms. This collaboration creates a welcoming atmosphere which promotes growth and learning. Alera Group firms strive to provide quality experiences not only for their clients but also for their employees.