Minneapolis North High School has partnered with Game Plan to engage with their student-athletes and equip them with life skills to become positive role models off the court.

Game Plan, the leading student-athlete engagement and educational platform, is pleased to announce a partnership with Minneapolis North High School. Minneapolis North High School has partnered with Game Plan to stay connected with their athletes and more specifically gain an advantage off-the-court for their basketball team, North Polar Hoops.

“In the spirit of a “Standard of Excellence” Minneapolis North is excited about a partnership with Game Plan. We are always looking for tools to enhance what we do for our players with an emphasis on helping them become champions not only on the hardwood but champions of Life. Game Plan is a tool that will allow us to do exactly that!” – Larry Mckenzie, Head Coach North Polar Hoops

Through their partnership, North Polar Hoops will use Game Plan to help engage with their student-athletes during the current pandemic that has forced state-wide lockdowns and restrictions. Using the eLearning modules to help reinforce life skills to the athletes and become positive role models off the court.

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Game Plan’s comprehensive software platform integrates mobile-first eLearning as well as virtual mentorship and career services, uniquely designed for athletic organizations. Game Plan has over 275 athletic organizations with over 200,000 courses completed yearly. Our eLearning courses provide student-athletes ultimate access and flexibility while equipping both athletics departments and the conference office management tools and insight to ensure outstanding experiences and outcomes. To learn more about Game Plan, please visit wearegameplan.com.

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