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Game Plan Announces New Hire Luke Dilzell

By May 7, 2021 No Comments

Luke Dilzell joins Game Plan to serve as VP of Finance & Operations.

Luke joined Game Plan in the Spring of 2021 as VP of Finance and Operations. Luke was introduced to Game Plan through the merger with InXAthlete, and has since become a valuable member of the Executive Team. He attended the University of Colorado where he studied Biochemistry and Finance and played for the Buffalo’s Rugby Team. His experience in private equity, deal structure, and financial analysis has led naturally into a financial & operations role at Game Plan. Luke handles AP and AR for the company, strategic deal review, reporting, and many other aspects of day-to-day financials and operations.

Luke lives in Colorado with his Girlfriend and their puppy, Asparagus (he prefers Gus). When not crunching numbers, he spends a lot of time skiing, in the gym, or whipping up something in the kitchen. He is a passionate sports fan, especially of the Colorado Avalanche, and is excited to be working in the athletics world.

Luke’s job and his background are integral to the athlete’s experience here at Game Plan. Want to reach Luke? Check out his profile here: About Us

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