Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Athletics

Ashton Henderson, director of diversity, equity, and inclusion for the Detroit Pistons, sat down with Cody Ferraro on the Power The Journey Podcast to discuss his journey through life and athletics.  Henderson emphasizes his focus on integrity, family, discipline, determination, and drive.  He explains how these values carried him through the end of his career as a player and jump-started his new path in athlete development.  In his current role, Henderson discusses the methods he uses such as book clubs, active listening seminars, and the development of a leadership lab to encourage everyone within the organization to feel a sense of connection and belonging, so they can always be their authentic self.  Listen here.

Game Plan has partnered with RISE to educate student-athletes and coaches about diversity.  Twelve courses have been designed, including Privilege, Sport as a Vehicle for Social Change, and Racism.  These courses aim to empower student-athletes to understand and eliminate racial discrimination as well as promote social justice.  Our goal is to provide all members of the sports community including athletes, coaches, and administrators the knowledge and ability to facilitate positive change. 

 As we educate students in the city of Detroit, the impact of racism in our city’s and country’s history is an important variable for them to understand. Working with RISE has been an invaluable asset for them to understanding these challenges in a positive and productive manner” – David Williams, Director of Colege Graduation for Promise Schools.

About Game Plan

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