Athletic Director Rick George

The Director of Athletics at the University of Colorado, Rick George, sat down with Cody Ferraro to discuss his development in the world of sports on the Power the Journey podcast. During their conversation, George discusses his diverse background of jobs following his graduation from the University of Illinois.

His post-graduate career began at his alma mater where George acted as a recruiting coordinator. After that, George stepped into administrative roles at the University of Colorado and then Vanderbilt. George transitioned into the business aspect of sports when he could not land an AD job and held the position of CEO & President of the Fore!Kids Foundation, a non-profit organization in Louisiana. He was able to parlay that success into working as an Executive Vice President on the PGA tour and then COO at the Texas Rangers. Eventually, George took what he learned on the business side and returned to his true passion of helping student-athletes reach their full potential as the Director of Athletics at Colorado. 

Rick George credits his success to two primary sources. The first being his diverse work history. Holding positions in such a variety of departments has allowed him to understand the industry with a unique perspective and build an expansive network.  In addition, his ability to think outside the box and break the mold to find solutions to any situation has driven his continuous success in each aspect of his career. Listen to the conversation here.

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